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Mountain Dew

5 Foods That Taste Like Depression

First of all, why in the world would anyone even step foot within 10 miles of a KFC when Popeye’s exists? Popeye’s is the BeyoncĂ© to KFC’s Katy Perry — there is just no comparison, and one just looks sad when mentioned in the same sentence.

Go On A Roadtrip

Buy a goofy key chain from a gas station because it has your name on it — or sigh because they never have your name.

India Chooses You

India leaves little room for in-betweens. No middle class. No maybe. And just like that, you either loathe it or love it. To hate it is easy. You choose it. Like anything else. You choose absolute repulsion. But even choices are difficult, if only consequentially. To love it is far easier.

How To Be Forever Alone In 8 Easy Steps

Tumblr is the black hole of all things socialization, and there is no such thing as “recreational use.” You will be blessed with all the Dr. Who and Supernatural screenshots you could ever dream of, but you will pay with your soul.