The Weaponization Of Monogamy

I was once in a relationship that seemed positive and supportive at first. It began with a steaming pile of promises right up front. These promises included loving me forever (after knowing me for less than six months) and wanting to have children together (before even living together). It was my entire future wrapped in a button-up.

Beware Of The Fuckboy Who Says Sorry

Couple kissing on a hike

Whether you’re currently dating someone or not (your Instagram reveals that you may be), I’m sorry, I don’t have an open-door policy, and I already have drinks on the books for tonight.

Are Open Relationships The Future Of Love?

“We should go for a beer one of these days” I look at him confused, and point back at the table where our friends are sitting, throwing back pints like there’s no tomorrow. He follows my gaze and then quickly adds, noticing my confusion “well, not like that.”