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Mischa Barton

The 5 Douchiest Clubs I’ve Ever Been To

At one point, my friend was like, “Can you turn your shoulder real quick?” and did a line of coke off of my upper arm. I found that to be really rude. If you’re going to be doing coke off my body, you need to at least tell me first.

Videos Of Celebrities Acting Wasted

Here’s a video of Mischa Barton behaving erratically and looking STONED AS HELL while she talks about fashion or Darwinism or whatever. Honestly, I can’t tell if she’s coming up or coming down, but even Marisa Cooper would be frightened and say to her, “GET IT TOGETHER, PSYCHO!”

What Your Favorite Cocktail Says About You

I think people often adopt their drink of choice based around the kind of message they believe the drink to convey. Men who order martinis shaken not stirred, I get it, you’re suave. Girls who order cosmos are so Sex and the City and stuck in 2005.

A Guide To Having Terrible Style

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