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What Happens To Anxious People When You Avoid Their Calls And Texts

As an anxious person, there is nothing worse than trying to get in touch with someone and them not answering or getting back to you when you need them to. As your brain slowly starts to disintegrate, illogical thoughts merge together and several things go wrong at once. By the time the end of the day comes around, you have convinced yourself that either you are unwanted or the worst has happened.

This Is The Kind Of Person Who Survives A Broken Heart

The kind of person who survives a broken heart isn’t doing it gracefully, and elegantly, and beautifully. They are living right in the middle of its ugliness, right in the middle of the loneliness and the crippling sadness and the real, physical nausea that can come from losing love.

We Are The Generation Of Anxiety

girl alone

We are the generation of mental illness. Of anxiety. Of depression. Of stress that turns to ulcers. We are the generation defined by the sickness in our minds. Of not knowing how to fail. We are the generation that tears ourselves apart because we can’t achieve perfection. We are the generation full of panic. Of Xanax and Zoloft and Valium.