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This Is Me Moving On

This is me accepting that sometimes beautiful things end. This is me coming to terms with the fact that sometimes leaving is an act of love, too. That sometimes you have to walk away from something soft and hauntingly real, that sometimes hearts don’t align.

The Little Things That Make Me Believe In Something Bigger

girl laughing

The world is a scary place, and knowing what to believe in is even scarier at times. But as terrifying and lonely as things might seem, there is more beauty than people choose to see. Around every corner, surrounding every encounter, and between every moment, there is beauty. You just need to take a moment to find it, and hold on to it until the next.

Collecting Memories

girl nostalgic

What do you collect? I collect wine corks, art supplies, cycling swag, puppy love kisses, trucker hats and tank tops. I also have a collection of special adoptions from Iraq, Turkey, Dubai, and my time spent while overseas.