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12 Awesome And Delicious Foods We Loved To Eat When We Were Kids

The flood of memories that come shooting back when you eat food you loved as a kid is a giant, neuron-splattering head rush. You get transported back to the kitchen you grew up in and can practically see the avocado-green stove, three-hundred pound microwave, and plastic alphabet magnets covering the fridge. So come on, let’s all go back together now.

10 Things I Miss About The 90s

I want Natalie Imbruglia telling me that the sky is torn, Jewel telling me that I can’t break her hands, Courtney Love being the girl with the most cake, and Liz Phair stealing my lighter and losing the map.

What Your School Lunch Says About You

You don’t ask many questions. You don’t question what animal bologna comes from. You don’t question if American cheese is as much cheese as Swiss or cheddar. You make no distinction between mayo or Miracle Whip. You like what you like.

20 Things Every 5-Something Should Know

Stop, Drop, and Roll: If you are ever on fire, you need to remember to stop, drop, and roll. Grownups tell us this all the time. Probably that means everyone will be on fire at least once. This will come up! Remember it!