Loving Yourself

This Is How You Stop Loving Yourself

You believe that you’re unworthy of love and attention because your past taught you that you’ll never be loved the way you always wanted to. You continue to settle for half-love or almost relationships because that’s what you know for sure. That’s what you got used to. That’s what you secretly think you deserve.

The Art Of Loving Yourself

Wherever you might be right now, I want you to look in to the nearest mirror, and say, “I am beautiful.” Say it more than once, say it over and over, shout it, sing it, embody it.

The Truth About Loving Too Hard

I don’t think it’s our fault that we do it. It’s how our hearts were made, really. It’s how our hearts were molded and held. We were born to be givers. To be the ones with bigger hearts than most, that grow and grow without needing to be full.