Loving Life

This Is How You Stop Loving Yourself

You believe that you’re unworthy of love and attention because your past taught you that you’ll never be loved the way you always wanted to. You continue to settle for half-love or almost relationships because that’s what you know for sure. That’s what you got used to. That’s what you secretly think you deserve.

The Art Of Loving Yourself

Wherever you might be right now, I want you to look in to the nearest mirror, and say, “I am beautiful.” Say it more than once, say it over and over, shout it, sing it, embody it.

Loving You Is The Only Plan I Have

couple holding hands on beach, beach couple, loving you is my plan, love

I thought about how wildly beautiful it is that we were once just strangers, wandering around this earth without the taste of each other’s names on our tongues. How life simply happens, love simply happens. Especially when we’re not looking.

I Keep Loving People Who Leave

They all stick around, promising me things using only words and not many actions. They love me. They say it over and over, they miss me, they need me, they like me. And I believe them.