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Loving An Introvert

You Should Fall In Love With An Introvert

An introvert will always understand the importance of space and alone time because they are so self-sufficient. The introvert needs time alone to unwind, to recharge, to clear their minds and when you need the same they will understand and respect your wishes and never take offense.

How To Be An Introvert

How To Be An Introvert

You’re the “quiet one,” the “shy one,” the “homebody”—you’re the introvert. You’ve been tumblr-ed to death and are constantly being depicted as someone with a blanket over your head watching Netflix for 72 hours straight.

This Is What Loving An Introvert Feels Like

Understand that just because I have found peace within myself doesn’t mean that I’ll end up desiring you any less, understand that just because words don’t easily come to me doesn’t mean I don’t have huge things to say to you.