Love To Love

The Love To Wait For In 2018

girl in forest

Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope inside of your heart and your entire being. Don’t let yourself be discouraged. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t compare and contrast yourself to other people who are settling down.

I Want A Messy Love

I want a messy love, love, relationships, happy couple kissing

I want sweaty palms and timid fingers reaching out to hold one another’s hands. I want flushed cheeks and hesitant steps. I want laugh lines and nervous giggles.

You Are Not Entitled To Someone’s Love

The people you love are not above being temporary if you do not appreciate or care for them. That version of love where someone loves someone else unrequited whilst the other person does whatever they want is nothing but a movie formula. And even in the movies, the person who is fooling around realises what they have lost once it’s gone and go chasing after it.

I Love You (Almost)

happy couple running, running couple, almost love

I love what you say in our silence. When there are no words to be shared between kisses. When our eyes are closed and my arm is draped across your chest.