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The Honest Difference Between Lust And Love

Figuring out the difference between love and lust

Please don’t mistaken lust for love. Because it’s only going to end in pain and a hurting heart. It’s only going to end in an ending. Because lust is almost always going to be short lived. It’s just a chemical reaction. It’s not a promise of forever. It’s not real.

Don’t Confuse Sex With Love

We spend too much time reading self help books and articles about what men like; what qualities men look for in a wife – most of which is a waste of time. Are you really trying to fit a check list? Most of those articles don’t even make sense.

When Two Old Souls Love Each Other

Let us enjoy the spring we have created out of the winters we have faced in our lives. Let us take everything about ourselves and accept each other for who we are. And let us not cry and try to change each other. Instead, let us just grow together for as long as we can grow together.