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Read This, When Betrayal Leaves You Broken

People’s actions are their own. We are all responsible for the way we behave with others. And the easy way out is to say “She provoked me, or he caused me to act like a horrible person.” No. We all have a choice. And the people who broke you had a choice too.

Easy Love Isn’t Real Love

couple in love

Real love is about real life. And real life will never be constantly beautiful. Real life will never be breezy. Real life will never be perfect. And just like life, real love is a work progress. So don’t expect love to be easy. Don’t expect love to be perfect. After all, no one is. Nothing is.

Don’t Confuse Sex With Love

We spend too much time reading self help books and articles about what men like; what qualities men look for in a wife – most of which is a waste of time. Are you really trying to fit a check list? Most of those articles don’t even make sense.