What Is It About Marriage That Keeps Us Coming Back?

Aside from the legal/financial benefits and rights, which are not negligible, have you ever really thought about why, in 2013, so many educated, independent, self-sufficient feminist women still yearn for something that is less of a cultural mandate now than it’s ever been before?

I’m Trying To Love You More

Life is not a game. Life is not a clean narrative and people are real and flawed and you can’t force anything on them or yourself. The second you try to love someone, it’s gone. And if you find yourself in this kind of situation over and over again, maybe it’s time for you to take some time to try to love yourself.

19 Ways To Love Yourself

Read a book from your childhood that you used to love, and remember all of the things about it that made you first fall in love with reading. Highlight your favorite parts, and maybe even make some of the quotes into art for your walls.