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Love Me In All My Forms

couple, woman laying on his chest, love, love me in all my forms, true love, real love, relationships

Love me when it feels like time is endless. When there’s nothing for us to do, nowhere for us to be than right where we are, arm-in-arm, forgetting both yesterday and tomorrow simultaneously.

If It Feels Right, Enjoy It

happy woman, enjoy it, celebrate, living your best life, enjoy each moment

If it feels right, enjoy it. If it’s good, let it be good. If it’s close to perfect, know that it won’t ever be completely flawless, but celebrate it for the amazing thing it is, right now, in your life.

Give Your Broken Heart To God

girl in bathtub, surrender, give your broken heart to God, God, faith, faith in God, broken heart, trusting God with your broken heart, faith, Christian faith

What you have, what you’ve always had is your Father’s love. And His love will fill every broken piece, every cracked crevice, every spot of loneliness, or fear, or longing you feel.