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21 Years Married: A Texting History

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Looking through our messages as they have evolved over the years from IM’s and emails to Yahoo! And Gmail chats and now Facebook Messenger and texts, we have been able to use these methods as a way to chat about things that are sometimes uncomfortable.

This Is Your Story—Own It

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This is your story. You are allowed to make mistakes, to erase pieces and rewrite them, to fall down and fail and start completely over with a page turn. You are allowed to love the wrong people and learn painful lessons. You are allowed to decide which faith you want to have, or none at all. You are allowed to kiss, to smile, to laugh, to forgive, to hope.

The Kind Of Date You Need To Wait For


Don’t settle for the ordinary date. Don’t settle for dates that send you home crying. Settle for the extraordinary. For the dates that make you blush in happiness. For the dates that send you smiling from ear to ear. Settle for the dates that make you dream impossible things. That make you believe in love again