Love and Relationships

In 2018, Don’t Settle For Almost Relationships

girl in car

You only have one heart and one life. And at the end of the day, you will be stuck with your choices and chances that you took or didn’t take. Choose wisely. And most importantly, always know that your heart is sacred. And it belongs to someone just as sacred and beautiful as you.

I’m Always *This Close* To Talking To You Again

girl talking to her ex again

Even the shortest text to you would be like opening a door and letting you back into my life. It would be like admitting that I missed you more than you missed me. It would be like handing you my heart and giving you the chance to hurt me all over again. 

Date The Boy Who Actually Admits How Much He Likes You

girl thinking about a boy

Date the boy who wants the world to know that you’re together. Who invites you to holiday parties so you can meet his cousins. Who holds your hand during dates so everyone knows you’re a couple. Who brags about you to all of his friends because he can’t believe he got so lucky.