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You Deserve To Live

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Don’t stop. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t let the sadness and the pain take over your every emotion. Get help. Talk to your friends that you know won’t judge you. Call someone. Breathe and know that this too shall pass.

Maybe Love Lives On, Even When Your Relationship Dies

Will love end

You know it won’t be like this forever. I mean, you hope. Because that’s what your friends and parents say. That’s what every advice article says. That’s what I’ve even said before. But, will you? Will he or her? Will I? Can you ever stop loving the person you gave your heart to? Can you ever heal that part of your heart that they took from you?

This Is How You Know You’re In Love

You desire them. You desire their mind, their heart, their soul. You want to support them at their weakest and inspire them at their strongest. You want to touch every part of them; you want them to touch and understand crave you.

I Want A ‘Best Friend’ Kind Of Love

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I want the kind of partner who is firstly my friend. Who will back me up when I believe in something that no one else does. A friend who will listen to me talk on and on about my worst day at work. A friend who will rub my feet on the couch even though they are exhausted too. I want the kind of partner who will be my safe place. My safe haven. And my person.