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6 Amazing Songs That Are DEFINITELY About Orgasms

The scariest part about having sex with somebody brand new is when you have to hear their “O” sound for the first time or, even worse, are directly confronted with an ugly “O” face. How will they sound when they orgasm? Is it a light moan? Is shaking involved? Do the toes curl and the legs vibrate?

The Joy Of Being Andrew WK

Andrew WK is more than just the sum of his parts. His energy, attitude and fierce positivity have all participated in solidifying his status as a hard-partying rock star, but it’s been his unwavering loyalty to his fans and his overall mission that have brought him success in the worlds of music and business…

Being An Artist In The 21st Century

You’ll learn skills you never wanted to have, and the time you used to spend making art will now be swallowed up by the endless task of marketing yourself in a world of seven billion voices, all shouting at once.

Nine Songs I Will Never Get Sick Of

It’s really too bad that no one likes “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie. It’s tragic actually. Whenever I request it at a bar or a club, the DJ laughs in my face and tells me, “If I played that song, it would incite a riot. People would try to burn the place down. That’s how much they hate it!”

How Certain Music Makes You Feel

Listening to foreign music makes you want to smoke a cigarette in the bathtub and drink a glass of wine because life is so bleak. When things are sung in a language you can’t understand, it makes you think about running off to Paris on a whim and moving into a shitty flat to just do your art. Isn’t that what CocoRosie did? Or Molly Ringwald?

Almost Transparent Blue by Ryu Murakami

Almost Transparent Blue (1976) was written by Ry? Murakami (b. 1952) while he was a student at Musashino Art University, where he was enrolled in the sculpture program. It was his first novel and was awarded the Akutagawa Prize (Japan’s “most sought after” literary prize; previous winners include Kobo Abe and Kenzaburo Oe) and sold ~1.2 million copies (~1% of Japan’s population at-the-time) in six months.