Learning To Love Yourself

I’m Learning To Stay

slow down, stay, don't run, stay in the moment, girl looking at skyline

I’m learning the beauty of living in a place of ‘enoughness.’ Where right now is enough. Where I am enough. Where the people around me are more than enough. Where love is enough.

The Best Revenge Is Self-Love

The best revenge is not caring what other people think; not letting their actions affect you, not seeing yourself through their eyes, not trying so hard to impress them and learning that they’re not superior just because they have things you don’t have.

I Am Learning To Honor My Body

Woman stands topless on a balcony and stretches

I’ll start with the small things — I will look myself in the mirror and say it. “You are beautiful.” Even if I don’t believe it. “You are beautiful.” Especially if I don’t believe it. “You are beautiful. You are beautiful. You are beautiful.”