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Late Nights

A Love Letter To Insomnia

I get my best ideas when I am with you. Maybe if more people were with you, they would get more good ideas, too. I’m convinced that anyone worth his or her chops has at least one date with you per week. You encourage my crazy thoughts enough to make brilliant new ideas, but you also keep me in check when I might be getting a little too out there.

An Open Letter To The Guy I Drunkenly Made Out With Last Weekend

The romantic, sensual breeze embodied the sweet smell of cheap vodka and regret, which is
all too familiar. You commanded the room in your toga, constructed tastefully with dorm room
bed sheets with stains on them that I will not speculate about, accessorized with the expected
but nonetheless classic red solo cup.

5 Reasons Not To Be A Cocktail Waitress

“Hey darling,” with a pat on the hip and then an inappropriate amount of lingering after the pat, “Another Jack and Coke, if you would!” (You’ll want to tell him you wouldn’t. You’ll get the damn drink anyway, and try to smile).