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Gin & iTunes

I wonder if this Liz singer lady has ever been into a WalMart. Seems like she would have had to by now but I can’t see her even parking in the parking lot. Seems like she doesn’t have a body below the head…

How To Fit In: The Cultural Elite

Know your fashion. Do not sequester yourself to only the major fashion houses. You’re not a housewife – you’re on the streets and you should know who’s coming, who’s doing a collabo and who’s going. If you’re a girl, Isabel Marant is your leader and if you’re a guy, try wearing Celine as a public statement on gender, image and consumerism.

Why Concert T-Shirts Matter

Concert shirts are especially-especially important for music nerdy girls who are older than, like, 27, because we are compelled by a maniacal, feminist need to compete with men about taste and cultural knowledge, but also aren’t usually up for swinging our pink dicks around about catalog numbers and release dates, or participating in Facebook “Like”-athons.

Diagnosing Depressives in Popular Film

Ed is only half-human, and his maker died before he was finished. He has scissors for hands and deep scars all over his face. One can safely assume his is a virgin, and probably failed at masturbating. He lives on a lonely hill, at the edge of town. He looks like he would enjoy Joy Division, but alas, has no CD player.