18 Emo Songs That All Dudes Secretly Love

Sometimes, us men go great lengths to deny that we’re able to feel feelings. The pent up repression varies by man, but those of us unable to fully express our compassion on the reg tend to have similar-sounding soft spots.

The Best Sad Coffee Songs

That’s one thing I’ve noticed while indulging this melancholy: the best songs for weepy introspection always, always, always reference coffee. Below, the best “sad-coffee” playlist in the world. Put it on, wait for it to drizzle outside, brew a fresh pot and curl up in a window sill. It’s time to stare out into the street, sip some joe and feel super sad.

The Frightening Story Behind The 2011 Coachella Lineup

The 2011 lineup for Coachella—a three-day hipster orgy held in the desert that occasionally has live music—has been unveiled and it doesn’t look pretty. Even though it features some amazing bands like Duran Duran, PJ Harvey and the insanity that is Ms. Lauryn Hill, the lineup is inundated with plenty of “WTF?” acts like Bright Eyes, Jimmy Eat World and Brandon Flowers from The Killers.