What Brings Us Happiness Has Changed Dramatically In The Last 50 Years — And That’s A Good Thing

A lot of our joys in life are derived from overcoming challenges. There’s a reason they say to focus on the journey and not the reward. Because the journey is where all the good stuff is. The journey is where you experience all of the emotion, all of the uncertainty, all of the life. If all you achieved was the goal without going through anything to get there, it wouldn’t mean nearly as much.

Man on his own success

Brandon Webb — Becoming The Master Of Your Own Fate

Man on his own success

I get this question all the time. “How do I find my purpose?” Some people find their purpose in a fight. In a mission. In a cause… Brandon explained that the people who join these radical groups, or any group, were probably suffering in life. And they wanted to fill a hole. They wanted what any human wants: a feeling of belonging. That’s the powerful force pulling them in.

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