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The 6 And Only Tattooed Girls You’ll Ever Meet

As per a noticeable cultural shift, tattooed girls are now seen absolutely everywhere, and bold tattooing is no longer reserved for punkers, bikers, inmates, soldiers, sailors, carnies, or anyone of “fringe class” (credit: Frank Reynolds).

Why We Blog

The quest for permanence is what makes us tweet the set list right after the show. It causes us to announce every movie we watch, book we read, and to instantly review everything. Little by little, the camera in our brain and the pictures stored in our body’s memory have become antiquated.

Tattooed Confessions

It was a time when tattoos were still rare acts of defiance instead of thoughtless rites of passage now considered almost tasteless and passé. I wanted to make some kind of commitment, a statement of permanence, a badge of courage, an evidence of my tolerance for pain. I wanted to be a grownup, sure enough about myself to sit there among strange men and their tobacco, and actually take home a piece of their unpopular, devious art on my reckless, virgin skin.