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How To Make It In America And The Secret About Talent

A few days before Christmas, HBO announced that what was the second season finale of their comedy-drama How to Make It in America, would, in fact, be the series finale. By pulling the plug on the New York City fake-it-til-you-make-it story of Ben Epstein, Cam Calderon and their fashion co. dreams, they allowed for an entirely new light on the last episode…

Wonder What The Secret Of Life Is

Rand’s dislike for the phrase “I’m only human” was more specifically a rejection of the premise of the phrase, which is something like “Humans are inherently lazy and lacking sufficient willpower to uphold personally or culturally assigned values…”

The Society Of Individuals

I love this phrase — it’s what I named my would-be think tank when I was 22: The Society of Individuals. Twenty years later and I still cling to, and seek to elucidate, what such a society might be.

But I’m Too Young To Settle!

Especially when we look around us and see the rough, often devastating ends that young love can meet when it commits too quickly, the idea of acknowledging you met your life partner at 22 is terrifying.