Why The Concept Of ‘Evil’ Is A Bad Idea

Why The Concept Of 'Evil' Is A Bad Idea

Whenever they write history books, it’s a miraculous coincidence that the bad guys always wind up losing. And what’s ironic is that by definition, those who win wars are not those with the best morals or the loftiest ideology, but those who are the better killers.

I Am Always Just ‘Her’

Before we became Real Friends, we’d sit around his living room and he would talk about his ex-girlfriend (the one he was still in love with) and he would never use her name (although I knew what it was). He’d always just say “her.”

A Thing I Wrote In The Notes App On My Phone At 1:31AM, While Coming Home From A Party I Didn’t Want To Go To

Now I’m in this cab because I didn’t tell anyone I was going to leave and the driver won’t stop asking me if it’s legal/moral for ambulance drivers to turn on their sirens if they’re just bored in traffic because he thinks there’s no way there are that many emergencies happening at once in Manhattan, and I’m watching people walk around and wondering if I will ever figure it out.