I Will Choose You

I Will Choose You

couple cuddling, happy couple, couple choosing each other

I will choose you, even in the doubt. Even in the moments we both hesitate, wondering whether this is love. I will accept that we are flawed and imperfect, and still I will love you anyway.

I Love You (Almost)

happy couple running, running couple, almost love

I love what you say in our silence. When there are no words to be shared between kisses. When our eyes are closed and my arm is draped across your chest.

You Are Love, And I Choose You

Thank you for choosing joy, light, and the higher route. Because hate is easy, but after all that, after all this. You have continued to choose love. And for that, I am so so proud of you.

I’m Not Stuck Up, I Just Have Standards

girl smiling

So sorry to disapoint you, but I’m keeping my standards high. And that doesn’t make me a bitch. That doesn’t make me snobby. That makes me brave and courageous. Because I’d rather be single for a long time, than get mistreated by people who don’t give a crap about me. I’d rather love myself, than to be half loved by some asshole who only wants to get in my pants.