The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney: An Interview with Christopher Higgs

The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney is a mindfuck, I think. Higgs is very conscious about grounding himself in the tradition of experimental literature. This novel is indeed within such a tradition. Similarities to previous avant-gardening authors are apparent, but Higgs takes his text much further in terms of fragmentation and self-reflexivity, only to all the while slyly debase such concepts.

The Different Types of People There Are on the Internet

A comprehensive, collectively-written list of the different types of people there are on the internet, written by Bebe Zeva, Leigh Alexander, Lesley Arfin, Ryan O’Connell, Kelley Hoffman, Tao Lin, Megan Boyle, Blake Butler, Gene Morgan, Brandon Scott Gorrell, Molly Young, Jimmy Chen, Joshua Lyon, Alex Blagg and more.

Gary Lutz: I Looked Alive

Picture someone at a large publishing company rejecting Gary Lutz because he is “too difficult to read” before going to lunch at the Four Seasons, laughing something-something sucking snails going “this guy thinks he’s Proust or some shit but I need the numbers where are the numbers you’ve got the numbers” over a pair of sparkling cocktails with Nicholas Sparks or whoever is topping the charts…

The Week’s Internet Shit Talking in Review

Shit talking this week experienced somewhat of a lull. While we did start off the week strong with the Glenn Beck’s rally—an event that later gained the enigmatic spiritual warrior the title “The White Malcom X” from one reporter at The Daily Beast—shit talking slacked during the middle of the week…

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