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God Has Got You, You Are Going To Be Alright

God has you when you’re wondering if there is a God. God has you when you’re ignoring him and questioning him and cursing his name. God has you when you’re driving in your car, exhausted from an awful day at work, sobbing to a sad song on the radio. God has you when you’re dwelling on the past.

To Those Of You Who Are Young And Lost

Get to school and work as hard as you possibly can, never giving up because something seems to hard to comprehend. Children all over the world don’t even have the right to an education, and here you are giving up on the one thing that so many others pray for.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

We sometimes perceive asking for help as a sign of weakness, when it fact it’s the complete opposite. Asking for help is a sign of wanting to improve yourself and being wise enough to know you can’t always do it alone.