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In 2018, I Will Be Brave

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In 2018, I will continue to grow and to love myself despite mistakes and faults. I’ve never been good at making mistakes. It makes me want to bathe in my own guilt and want to disappear forever, hiding out of shame. But, maybe in 2018, I can learn a healthier way to deal with failure. In 2018, maybe I can learn how to turn my mistakes into something bigger and better. 

How To Let Them Go In 2018

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 You will feel like you will be alone forever. And you will think that they were only the person in the world you could ever love you like that. But in time, will come clarity. In time, you will see someone else smile and you will feel less alone. In time, you will be laughing with your friends at all at once you won’t feel sad. In time, will come the comfort from your own heart.

The Love To Wait For In 2018

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The love you need to wait for is the kind that turns two souls into one. It’s the kind of love that is so powerful, it could shame the sun. It’s the kind of love that helps you understand yourself more. It’s the kind of love that makes you love yourself even more. It’s the kind of love that will convince you that you are worthy of it. It will be the kind of love that will finally help you realize that you deserve this. That you deserve this beautiful, blooming, and radiant love.