40 Keys To Lasting Happiness

You’re not a superhero. Stop setting your expectations that high. Instead, let’s take a deep breath and work on incremental change — which everyone knows is the key to success in everything anyway.

The Best Revenge Isn’t Happiness

It’s time we stop treating moving on as a journey to achieve revenge, because it taints any happiness we may find, any people we may meet and any joy we’re bound to discover within ourselves.

Your Happiness Is Up To You

Girl learning how to control her happiness

Stop blaming everyone else for your life. Life isn’t out to get you, you’re not a victim; there’s nothing special about you that the world conspires against only you. So if you’re happy staying where you are than own that- but stop blaming the world for your current reality.

The Key To Happiness Is Perspective

Start your day cleansing your path of negativity and see your lives for what they are, a base for the ultimate playground. You can do anything and happiness is here. It just takes a shift in perception to see.