Bring Your Hangover To Work Day (A Prelude)

Meet a friend at a bar where not everyone knows your name, but maybe like… 66% of the people know your name. Including the bartender, say hi. After an hour, your friend becomes interested in talking food options, and you’re a little disappointed that he’s not in it for the long haul. This is problematic. This is a problem.

How to Give a Reading on Mushrooms

Everything seems vaguely normal, in that things seem predictably surreal, as you read sentences about Haley Joel Osment and Dakota Fanning Gmail chatting about hamsters, until, after maybe two minutes, you realize you’ve been ignoring that there are tribal-tattoo patterns near the margins and in other places and that the text is glowing reddish-black and sometimes has a slightly 3D nature, like it’s projecting a holograph of itself an inch above the page.

Tao Lin: Richard Yates

The novel is not without plot, and indeed it is a great deal more concrete than the plots found in some of the author’s previous work. Stylistically Richard Yates bears more resemblance to Lin’s 2009 novella Shoplifting From American Apparel than it does to his previous novel, Eeeee Eee Eeee (2007).