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Comparing US Cities To 90s Nickelodeon TV Shows

Let’s just put it this way: watching a mature-beyond-her-years girl balance the advances of a platonic male friend who clearly wants more and the badgering of a right-wing twerp who thinks he can get under her skin by teasing her…well, that sounds like every Thursday night out I’ve had at a bar in DC.

The Passion of Marc Summers, Host of Nickelodeon’s Double Dare

Let’s consider What Would You Do? Here’s a show that was basically the movie Saw except with cream pies instead of elaborate death traps. There was a pie coaster, a pie pod, a pie pendulum, a pie slide, and an insane contraption called the “Pie Wash” which spun contestants around in a leather chair and enveloped them in cream shot from three nozzles.