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Angela Chasisms: On Travel

Angela Chasisms: Existential moments when you feel like the way you’re thinking about something is exactly the way that Angela Chase would think about the same thing, so you like, think about it, like in that way, that like, she does. This week: Travel.

Traveling to Europe Didn't Change My Life

In Europe I learned many important life lessons. I learned that I don’t like one night stands. That spending the day munching on tapas and reading Patti Smith’s memoir in a local cafe, can be just as crucial as spending the day photographing every inch of the Sagrada Familia.

Gigantic Holes Are #Creepy

Gigantic holes are awesome and scary. When gigantic holes are under water, they’re terrifying. When gigantic holes open up from out of nowhere to create holes as deep as two statues of liberty, they’re freakish. And gigantic holes that have been on fire for 40+ years are out of a nightmare. Gigantic holes are #creepy. Video inside.