Sometimes With Growth Comes Pain

Sure, I still struggle, I still have manic episodes and can easily forget my strength – but in this tiny moment, when I know there is something unsettling within me – I am able to own it, know that I am safe, and find comfort that I will eventually figure things out.

4 Genuine Dangers Of Personal Growth

Keep calm. Don’t try to force your growth onto them. Everyone has their own journey. Protect your own but also respect theirs, don’t stuff your enlightenment down their throats. Agree to live with differences.

The Harsh Truth Of Rapid Personal Growth

The very challenges inherent in life make it possible to thrive. Without said challenges, there would be nothing to overcome. You can’t possibly have “the best” of times without simultaneously having “the worst” of times.

This Is How You Love Someone Who’s Been Cheated On

cheating relationships

If you’re going to love someone who has been cheated on, do it wholeheartedly, do so with purity. Unpack your baggage in front of them. Let them in. Doing so makes this person feel not only like you trust them, but like they can feel comfortable trusting you and doing the same.