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Surviving The Last Two Years Without My Mom

I had never experienced grief like this – so raw and so deep. It completely consumed me. I wanted to just get through it, and perhaps heal from it unscarred like a bump or a bruise. What would losing the woman who gave birth to me do to my life? Who would I become?

Please Return The Parts Of Me I Gave To You

Please leave the selflessness. Leave the maturity, the maternity. How I let you be the one with the problems. Leave the organization, the effort. Give back what motivated me to dress up for you. Make sure to leave all the parts of you that I made. I can’t be here without them.

Good Things Can Come From Heartbreak

Heartache can be felt with a friendship, a lost passion, a flashback, a career path, a personal issue, or an experience. Heartache can make you feel lost or it can help you find yourself. It can make you feel alone or it can allow you to open up.