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When I Grow Up I’ll Be…

In 1976 Apple was started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. In 1985. Steve was fired and publically humiliated. For weeks, Jobs spent time in his dark room. He didn’t contact anyone. He didn’t go out.

5 Reasons To Rethink College

Top venture capital firm Andreessen Horwitz specifically looks for entrepreneurs who were college dropouts, because it’s a good sign they are courageous and confident in their idea. Google is one among many businesses to recently remove degrees from job requirements.

40 Ways To Tell If You’re A Brat

Qualifications for this analysis: I am a brat. 1. You buy those Cokes with names on them. 2. Your cardigans are color-coordinated to the seasons. 3. You live in Jersey. 4. You chose to live in Jersey. 5.