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My Whole World Would Be Different If I Wasn’t So Insecure

Insecure girl

If I wasn’t so insecure, I wouldn’t overanalyze silly little things, like if someone took too long to text me back or said they were too busy to see me. I would let it roll off of my back instead of wondering if I did something wrong, if I should have tried harder, if they secretly hate me. 

The People We Love Are Only On Loan To Us

two people in love

Being vulnerable is scary. But I promise it’s not as scary as waking up and realizing it’s too late to hold someone’s hand. To tell them they’re magic. To dance with them. To kiss them. To take a long drive with them. To rest your head on their chest. To count the freckles on their nose while they’re sleeping next to you.

It Sucks To Have Anxiety When You Are Stuck In College

college student with anxiety

When the professor is looking for someone to answer their question, you pick up your water bottle to drink. You do whatever you can to appear busy, to mentally convince the person in charge not to choose you, because the last thing you want to do is speak in front of that many people.