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All The Goodbyes I Have Said In My Lifetime

To friends, when words have been spoken too quickly in anger or actions have been taken without proper thinking and you just have that instantaneous unquestionable feeling that you will never be able to fix what you once had.

Goodbye Seems To Be The Hardest Word

At the age of 20, I have said goodbyes for countless times. No matter how much I wish to stay, life has to go on. It is definitely for the better even though it consists of sorrow and tears.

Why You Should Leave Him Tonight

You should leave him tonight because you keep talking about your resolutions, about all the things you want to do next year to make yourself a better person, but when you picture that better person, she is always alone.

Saying Goodbye Or Starting Over Again

It isn’t wise to cling to past when making decisions, but you should hold the past in some consideration. Look it over with mature eyes to determine if the person can be forgiven, and think about your motives behind rekindling old relationships.

I Lost A Love To Cancer At Christmas

I remember the worst Christmas I’ve ever been through. It was in 2010, when a love of my life succumbed to cancer four days before Christmas. Cancer isn’t some obscure disease nobody has ever heard of—unfortunately.

Divorce Your Friends, Do It!

If the “friend” in question has just had a bad month, it is probably okay to wait it out for a longer period of time to see if she or he finds the existence of good judgment and better friend behavior.