There Will Always Be An Excuse—Stop Making One

girl looking over ledge, stop making excuses, no excuses

There will always be an excuse. Stop making one. Stop thinking you’re not ready, or that you need to be more prepared. Stop telling yourself lies out of fear. Stop doubting what you feel in your heart that you need to do. Stop waiting for someone to pursue you, or for opportunities to fall into your lap.

How To Play Go

He said there are many similarities between Go and organic chemistry. I didn’t really know what he meant– about bonds trying to be stable. I guessed there were some mathematical rules, evident in nature, which were far beyond my comprehension.

Ten Flawless Soundtracks

Listening to the Empire Records soundtrack makes me kinda want to work at a cool record store with my cool friends, have sex with a washed up pop star, shave my head in the employee’s bathroom, take speed to do homework, shoplift, and throw myself a fake funeral. Or something.