Go For It

This Is Me Letting Go

This is me deciding I can’t control everything and I have to be okay with that. This is me deciding things will be okay – somehow, someway.

Let Him Go

Let him go not because you want to but because sometimes the people you want most are the ones you are best without.

You’re Allowed To Let Them Go

woman looking back

You’re allowed to let him or her go. You’re allowed to block them. To throw away the pictures that make you wince in remembrance that they are gone. You’re allowed to learn how to let them go. Even when it’s painful.

How To Let Them Go In 2018

girl sitting alone

 You will feel like you will be alone forever. And you will think that they were only the person in the world you could ever love you like that. But in time, will come clarity. In time, you will see someone else smile and you will feel less alone. In time, you will be laughing with your friends at all at once you won’t feel sad. In time, will come the comfort from your own heart.