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E-mails From America

Half a decade into my inadvertent foray into reverse voyeurism, this is what I know. In America, we hope and dream and strive. We type colorfully, if not carefully, and in a variety of fonts — frequently oversized ones. We protect ourselves from violent crime. We ____ this weather! We keep you in our prayers and hope you can make it to our party.

How to Be Considerate on The Internet

Being considerate can be a powerful tool in your daily and long-term struggle to not become an angry, jealous, out-of-control, earnestly depressed person who feels frustrated and cheated all the time.

On GChat

People who select “busy” as their GChat status, which turns the circle next to their name red, are not usually busy. When you type something to a “busy” contact, the program warns: “[Contact] is busy. You may be interrupting.” “May,” indeed. If they were busy, they’d be invisible.

Watching People Watching People: Notes On Reading The Internet

All the while, of course, I’ve left my gmail window up and active, where I can just see the very top tab of the screen where it says: Gmail – Inbox (9). And my eyes are constantly, desperately shooting back to that parenthetic number, hoping, waiting, praying for it to change, as if, the instant that my 9 turns into a 10, it’s an irrefutable sign that someone loves me, someone needs me, someone’s thinking about me, that I’m good and worthwhile valuable…