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Gluten Allergy

When I Got Sick

I began to make meticulous lists. Lists of people I needed to tell I loved them more often. Things I needed to do before I died.

5 Signs Your Gluten Allergy Is Fake

Like it’s some mystical new age therapy with intangible healing properties. It’s not Kaballah, it’s a food allergy. Are you into reiki, homeopathy, or the healing power of crystals, magnets or Head of the Class reruns? You might be a phony celiac.

21 Signs You’re A Basic B*tch

Eat, Pray, Love AKA The Basic Bitch Bible changed your life. One day, when you find yourself trapped in a loveless marriage to a rich man in Connecticut, you’re going to leave him to go find yourself through extensive prayer and pizza.

5 Great Names For An Indie Rock Band

Gluten Allergy wasn’t always allergic to gluten. “Oh god, I used to eat so much pasta and drink a lot of beer,” The lead singer, Savannah, confessed to me over a plate of air. “But I would usually either poop my pants after or vomit, so I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with celiac disease.”