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An Imaginary Interview With Mariah Carey’s Newborn Baby, Moroccan

After enduring an unusual 14-month pregnancy, Mariah Carey finally gave birth to her twins. The question that’s now on everyone’s minds is “what did the crazy bitch name them?” Given her proclivity for words like “rainbow”, “glitter”, and “honey”, we couldn’t help but wonder if she would end up naming them something like Sunshine Day, Incessantly, or Barrette.

Did Ke$ha Jack All Her Shit From An Aspiring Gay Singer?

What ticks me off the most is when people with real innovation (often black or gay) don’t get the credit for the ideas that less creative people steal. It is as if it’s A-OK to steal from gay culture, say, because it’s a minority culture, it’s less visible, it doesn’t exist in everybody’s heads.