Giving Head

God, I’m Giving You The Keys

I always do this, don’t I God? I always forget that you’re the one with the road map, the navigation, the airbags and seat belts. You’re the one watching over me, guiding me, reminding me, again and again, that I don’t have to do this alone.

Love Is Like Giving Someone A Gun

girl trying to process what love means

I once read somewhere that loving someone is giving them a gun and trusting they won’t pull the trigger. But you did, didn’t you? Was it on purpose? I know that my shot wasn’t, but maybe you didn’t even feel that graze.

This Is How You Ruin A Perfectly Good Relationship

You ruin a perfectly good relationship by not giving anything back to your partner when they desperately need your compassion. By not lending them ears when they are having a hard time. By not lending them your shoulder to cry on when they are depressed or anxious or blue. You ruin a perfectly good relationship by not caring about what they need and want.