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I Gambled On You But I Lost All My Stakes

I gambled on your strength. Your physical, mental and emotional strength. I thought you’d pick me up whenever I fall; you said you’d pick me up whenever I fall. I thought you would lift me up as easily as you lift these heavy weights but I should’ve known that you already have enough weight to carry, that you can’t carry both your baggage and mine, that my baggage was too heavy for you.

5 Gruesome Gambling Murders Motivated By Debt, Greed, And Power

Where there’s money to be made, there’s corruption to be found. The promise of fortune and fame can bring out the worst in people – even cold-blooded murder. In the world of professional gambling; an unpredictable income can sometimes make for unpredictable behaviour. This was the case in the following true crime stories, where insatiable greed turned even the most seemingly normal of people into brutal murderers of their own family, lovers and strangers.

Why I Gamble

The scorn for gambling seems outsized and unfair when you consider, for a moment, how rarely we use logic in our day to day.