Some Funny Things About Growing Up

Someone holding up a clock in a hallway

It gets me that at one point, you were the only person I wanted to tell anything. Now we don’t talk at all. How can someone mean the world to you one minute and then nothing at all the next?

The Problem With Nostalgia

It’s funny to read in my diaries how some of my worst moments happened in LA, but nostalgia makes me think it’s ok to go back. I said this to someone recently and they thought that “funny” was a weird way of describing it.

A Series Of Things I Can’t Remember Anymore

Your apartment had a very distinct smell that I remember almost crying over during our last day sitting around on that super shitty couch (remember how the back of the couch was broken?) and you were taking post-its off the wall and I felt like my head was blowing up like a balloon because of how hard I was keeping it all together.