A List Of Demands For All Fuckboys

Stop acting like you’re special. We don’t all want to date you. We aren’t all in love with you. Don’t get all bent out of shape and weirded out over a text, or over any kind of interest in your life or who you are as a person. If I like you, I will make it known.

Don’t Ever Fall For The Charming Fuckboy

Fuckboys are charming. They leer you in with their fantastic smile and tricks up their sleeve that they have recycled in their long list of lovers. They win you over on the first date, telling you that you’re different. Telling you that they won’t hurt you or destroy.

Beware Of The Fuckboy Who Says Sorry

Couple kissing on a hike

Whether you’re currently dating someone or not (your Instagram reveals that you may be), I’m sorry, I don’t have an open-door policy, and I already have drinks on the books for tonight.