Media Addiction And The Rise Of Fascism In A Brave New Digital World

“Like the old Fascism, the new Fascism comes wrapped in the strident language of identity politics and tribalized victimhood. Unlike the old Fascism, however, the new Fascism is hip, stylish, immensely entertaining and powered by thousands of server farms and billions of microchips. I call it eFascism, and define it simply as the religion of the state in 21st-century digital America.”

The Organization That Saves Writer’s Lives

SOS Racisme president Dominique Sopo summed-up the evening’s objective quite simply, “I think it’s very important that we do not kill those who died a second time by raising a polemic.” It brought the seriousness and perspective needed to round-out the speakers, officially hitting every note in the euphonic symphony of support that was the gala.

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