Fran Lebowitz

You Don’t Know As Much About Yoga As You Think You Do

The swift escalation of lifestyle mania in recent years has begun to redefine consumerism. For better or worse, crop tops and cleanses have edged their way into our shopping carts, flat stomachs and LuLulemon logos are in, and leggings are considered sedate enough for restaurant dining (not complaining).

A 27-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Late October, 1978

Wesley phoned this morning to say they had a meeting at Taplinger yesterday and they’ve decided to publish my book in the spring. “That means we’ve got to move fast,” he told me. I can barely believe it. When Wes first mentioned them having a meeting, I thought surely they’d decide not to do the book at all.

8 Smart Ways To Become An Independent Thinker

So, you want to learn how to start thinking for yourself instead of just relying on the opinions of others to shape your thoughts? You’ll need to retrain your brain, and this will take time and effort. If you’re willing to expend the energy, here’s how to do it in the simplest 8 steps I can come up with.